Cafe Menu

All menu items are organic, vegan, and entirely gluten-free as of July 2016! We prepare all foods in small batches in-house (unless another artisan’s name is noted)

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BREAKFAST                             9am-2pm daily

Hippie’s Breakfast (raw)                                               8.25
Sprouted spiced buckwheat grawnola, nuts, seeds, goji berries, seasonal fruit, lightly warmed housemade nu&seed mylk

Quinoa Waffles                     small (2)   8.5     lg (3)    11.5
Waffles made with freshly ground quinoa and oats, and hemp milk. Served with maple syrup, fruit, and housemade buttery spread or seasonal fruit preserve

Tofu Scramble                                                                 11
Tofu & sauteed veggies, roasted potatoes, house salad, and toast or flax crackers with hummus


Flax Crackers and Dip                                                  5.5
Flax crackers and cooked or raw hummus or sunflower cheeze

Raw Slaw                                                                        5.5
Green & purple cabbage, carrot, and your choice of Miso Ginger, Turmeric-Sesame, or Caesar dressing

Bruschetta                                                                       8
House flax thins with sunflower cheeze, tomato, olives, onion, and cucumber

House Salad                                  side 4   sm 6.5    lg 9.5    XL 12.5
Lettuce, carrot, beet, cabbage, tomato, pepper, cuke, onion, sprouts. Miso Ginger, Turmeric-Sesame, or Caesar dressing

Kale Caesar                                   side 4.

5  sm 7    lg 11.25  XL 14.5
Kale, lettuce, almond-based rawtons and rawmesan tossed in super yummy Caesar dressing. SO GOOD!

Super Salad                              with brown rice 12.75    quinoa   13.5
Kale, lettuce, carrots, beets, cabbage, red onion, tomato, cuke, pepper, sprouts, avo, scoop of hummus. Grain and Miso Ginger, Turmeric-Sesame, or Caesar dressing.    Add 6oz chili scoop + 3.5

Alex’s Special Salad                                  small   6.5  large  12
Kale, nori, warm brown rice, carrot, and red onion, tossed in sweet, tangy Miso Ginger dressing. Super yummy!

Crumble Salad                                           small   8.25    large  13.5
Greens in Caesar dressing with your choice of one pairing: mushroom burger + Caesar drizzle / beet burger + Caesar drizzle / curry burger + chutney / falafel + raw hummus

Substitute for the side slaw:  side house   2.5   Kale Caesar   3

Not rice but a savory paté wrapped up with vegetables. Served with GF tamari. With soy-free coconut aminos + 50¢

Miso Walnut Roll                                                           7.5
Walnut & sunflower, miso, smoked paprika paté, avocado, carrot, bell pepper, sprouts

Spicy Kimchi Roll (partially raw)              7
Brown rice, house-made kimchi, turmeric sesame sauce, avocado, sprouts, cucumber

BURGERS                        on a collard leaf  10    onion bread 11.5
Raw hummus, veggies, sauce, and creamy hemp-garlic dressing. Served with mini slaw

Marvelous Mushroom Burger
Heaven for mushroom lovers! Burger patty has a base of mushrooms, seeds, and spices

Curry Burger
Mildly spiced almond-sunflower burger with raisin chutney

Beet Burger
Both sweet and savoury patty of almond, sunflower, beet, carrot, herbs, and spices

SANDWICH                                                        half   8.5   full  12.5
Starring the scrumptious onion bread that started it all! Raw hummus, lettuce, tomato, cuke, red onion, bell pepper, sprouts, & avocado. Served with mini slaw

WRAPS                                       on a collard leaf  11

Yummy sprouted beans, walnut, hemp & herbs


Zugghetti                                                                        9.25
Zucchini noodles, kale and veggies, your choice of marinara, pesto, or cashew alfredo, and flax crackers

Pad Thai                                                                         8.25
Zucchini & kelp noodles, cashew-pepper sauce, veggies, crushed cashews, fresh cilantro

SAMPLER PLATE                                                                  12.5
A great sharing platter showcasing our housemade items. Flax crackers, sunflower cheeze, sauerkraut, burger patty, falafel + more. Your choice of raw or cooked hummus


SOUPS & CHILI                                          small  8 oz        large 16oz
Served with your choice of spelt toast or flax crackers, and cooked hummus

Green Soup                                                               6        8.75
A lovely base of shiitake, leek, yam, carrot, herbs and more, blended with spinach, kale, broccoli, apple, and ginger

Soup of the Day                                                       6         8.75
Please check the Specials board or ask about our daily soup

Chili                                                                           6.5      9.25
Hearty three bean and quinoa chili loaded with veggies and a little bit of spice


The Incredi-bowl                                                     with brown rice  13.25   quinoa    14
A hearty salad tossed in a delicious turmeric-sesame dressing, topped by roasted veggies, avocado, housemade sauerkraut and a sprinkling of seaweed. Served with your choice of grain

Seasonal Grain Bowl                                                with brown rice  11.5   quinoa   12.5
A seasonal vegetable stew and fresh greens on your choice of grain. Garnished with sprouts



* Juices are made to order for optimal nutrition & flavour *
* we cold press green juices (slow) & quick-press (non-cold) other juices *
* we happily accommodate juice modifications, starting at 50¢ *

8oz 16oz
Lemon Up lemon, maple syrup, alkaline water, cayenne 4 6
Sweet One carrot or apple 4.5 6.75
Straight Citrus orange or grapefruit 4.75 7.5
Refresh apple, lemon, ginger  4.75  7.5
Electro-cool apple, cuke, lime  4.75  7.5
ABC apple, beet, carrot  4.75  7.5
Sunrise beet, carrot, orange, ginger  4.75  7.5
Orange Wake carrot, apple, ginger, turmeric  4.75  7.5
Sweet Orange Citrus carrot, apple, orange, grapefruit                                4.75  7.5
Liver Boost grapefruit, apple, beet, lemon, burdock 5 7.75
T’s Tonic apple, lime, ginger, turmeric + E3 Live (1 oz) 7 9.75
Green Power kale, celery, apple, lemon, ginger 5 87.5
Fruity Greens Only Greens + apple, lemon & ginger 5.25 8.75
Only Greens   kale, spinach, chard, collard, lettuce, celery, cuke, parsley, cilantro 5.75 9.25
Custom Juice    from   5 7.5
* We happily accommodate juice modifications, which start at $0.50


all 16oz
Banini banana, date, vanilla, hemp 5.75
Green Monkey banana, E3 Live (1 oz), date 7
Monkey’s Lunch banana, cacao powder, hemp, date 7
Green Goddess kale, chard, spinach, apple, banana, ginger 7.5
Chocolate Chi banana, hemp, cacao, house chai spice, date
Creamsicle banana, orange+zest, pear or peach (seasonal), hemp, date 7.5
Evening Vanilla banana, strawberry, blueberry, vanilla, hemp, date 7.5
Mermaid banana, pear, lime + zest, spirulina, hemp, date 7.5
Pear Bliss banana, pear, chai spices, hemp, ginger, date 7.5
Blue Monster banana, blueberries, cacao, hemp, date 7.75
Mermaid’s Revenge banana, hemp, date, spirulina, maca, vanilla 7.75
Mint Choco Chip banana, hemp, spirulina, maca, cacao nibs, mint oil, date 7.75
Drink additions
Ginger, turmeric, lemon, lime 0.75
Superfoods, etc: cacao, chia, chlorella, flax, goji, maca, spirulina, hemp, coconut oil, sprouted almonds 1
Extra frozen blueberries or strawberries (smoothies only) 1.5


Wheatgrass pressed to order sweet chlorophyll-dense 1 oz 3 2 oz   5
E3 Live alkalizing, mineral rich blue green algae 1 oz 3.5 2 oz   6
Lemon Ginger Cayenne kapow immunity boost! 2 oz   3
** Add any shot into your drink and receive 50¢ off **

HOT DRINKS                                                                                                          all 10oz
* all hot beverages can be made unsweetened, except the Hot Chocolate Chaga
* our nut&seed mylk is sprouted and made in-house

Herbal tea organic teas from Namasthé & Gathering Place 2.5
House Chai  caffeine-free Rooibos tea brewed with house blend of spices. No mylk or syrup 2.75
House Chai Latté   housemade Rooibos chai, almond mylk, maple syrup 4.25
House Lemon Ginger Tea lemon, orange, ginger, maple syrup 3.75
Chaga Tea immune-boosting tree mushroom from the Chilcotin 3
Chaga Latté   chaga tea, almond mylk, maple syrup 4.5
Soothing Turmeric Tea turmeric & spices, almond mylk, maple syrup 4
Hot Chocolate Chaga decadent chaga tea-based blend of cacao paste, coconut butter, maca, cinnamon, shilajit, vanilla, maple syrup, date 5.5


* all raw desserts are gluten-free but prepared in a kitchen that uses spelt flour *

GLOWspots Many yummy nourishing flavours. Stevia & maple syrup sweetened. By For the Love of Food 1.75 Turtle Sprouted alomond buter-date-coconut oil carmel dipped in raw chocolate!                3.25
Power Ball   Almond-hemp-date rolled in coconut, hemp, or cacao   2.5 Nanaimo Pie Coco-choco crust, cashew filling, choco-maple topping. Very popular!    5
ZIMT macaroon Double Chocolate or Salted Vanilla 2.75 
Also available in 2-paks
Ice Cream Sandwich  cashew & almond-based varieties        6.25
Lemon Bar Coconut-lemon cream on a walnut crust   3 Key Lime Pie vanilla cream on a lime-avo layer      6.5
Fudge Cashew creamy & sweetened with dates              3 Blueberry Lemon Pie Matsqui blueberries with lemon, cashew, chia, dates    6.5
Baked Gluten-free Cookies Choco Chip or Ginger Molasses  sweetened with fair-trade organic cane sugar. Brown rice based.
sm 1.25 / BIG 3     11 small cookies 10
* check the dessert cooler for seasonal favourites like Nectarine Cream pie, Pumpkin Pie, Peppermint Patties, and Mince Pie!
* We can prepare whole pies for your special occasion. Please ask *