Our market offers a wide range of products ideal for a vegan organic whole food lifestyle.
We also offer large quantity purchasing so your money can go further in purchasing organics. We request 2 business days notice for orders. Send us an email inquiry here

Visit our colourful market and find an all-organic selection of the following items. We aim for Zero Waste so the majority of products come in returnable glass jars or compostable bags.

  • fresh fruits and vegetables, sourced as local and farm-direct as possible
  • housemade sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, dressings, and raw burgers from our kitchen
  • nuts, seeds, grains and beans, many of which are Canadian fairDeal certified
  • dried fruits, seaweeds, and the best olives in the world!
  • sprouted nut butters, coconut milk, oils and vinegars
  • cacao paste, butter, and powder from Giddy Yoyo to create amazing delicious treats and drinks
  • glass-packed superfoods such as maca, spirulina, chlorella, chaga and more, sourced from local companies Harmonic Arts Dispensary (Vancouver Island), Gathering Place Trading (Cortes Island), and Giddy Yoyo (Ontario)
  • 50+ varieties of glass-packed spices, including true cinnamon, turmeric, and rare organic spices such as asofoetida, curry blends, many direct traded from farmer cooperatives in India by Gathering Place
  • healthy sweeteners such as coconut sugar, sun-dried cane juice crystals, coconut nectar, and farm-direct maple syrup (processed with organic canola oil, not lard)
  • artisan chocolates and treats from For the Love of Food, Zimt Chocolates, Living Lotus, Vegan Pudding, Giddy Yoyo and Sacred Heart
  • gluten-free flours and baking ingredients
  • sprouting seeds and supplies from Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds
  • seeds for organic gardening from West Coast Seeds, and organic starter plants from Friesen Farms (March-June only)
  • books, DVDs, and equipment around leading a healthy raw (and cooked) vegan lifestyle, animal rights, and environmental justice

Our market is always expanding as we connect with more farmers, suppliers, and producers. Come check us out, or call in with your questions and requests!

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