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The Hot Chocolate Festival runs Jan 19-Feb 14

We’ve joined forces with 22 other venues for the 7th annual Hot Chocolate Festival from Jan 19-Feb 14! The festival brings together Vancouver’s best chocolatiers, pastry shops, bakeries, cafes, gelato and ice cream makers to make the humble hot chocolate hotter than it has ever been before.
Each venue is offering at least two drink+treat pairings which have been created specifically for the festival. Eternal Abundance is the only cafe to offer entirely vegan, organic, and gluten free (and nut free) entries:
~ Green Silk Kimono: our creamy white chocolate matcha creation paired with a housemade adzuki beanblack sesame shortbread cookie
~ Chaga Hot Chocolate: our house hot chocolate with a base of immune-boosting chaga mushroom. Served with a delectable Coconut Creme Truffle by Zimt Chocolates of North Vancouver

New Year’s Vegan Potluck (Sun, Jan 8)

Come one, come all! We’re hosting a New Years vegan potluck on Sun, Jan 8 with the lovely Emily von Euw of This Rawsome Vegan Life! It’s gonna be BIG with good folks and lots of plant-based grub! We hope you’ll be there too! Bring a dish for 5-8 ppl, your own plate, cup and cutlery, and an ingredient list for those with allergies or inquisitive minds. Peanut butter fudge bar creation and photo by Emily